Take a stand

A few days ago, my school-mates with whom I wasn’t in touch with added me on WhatsApp on a school group. People share their opinions on this group and debate. The topic was live-in relationship vs. marriage. And surprisingly, everyone opted for live-in. This was a shock for me considering the small-town culture. I wasn’t ready to choose one, saying “It depends on the person’s choice”.  When forced to take a stand, I said, “I can’t choose one and say that’s the right choice for everyone. I envision a society where everyone gets to do what they want and make the own decision: live-in relationship or marriage.”

The response I got to that was. “STF, the Presidential Election is over”.

I couldn’t help smiling. Isn’t it great to live in a country whose President’s speech echoes what you believe in!!! Obama is awesome!

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