I have a coworker who is extremely attractive by modern Indian/Bollywood standards: Tall, slim, fair. She lived in a big city in India, modeled at fashion shows while in college, did a couple of professional photo-shoots. She came to the US. This girl is now, guess what, a hijabi. Meaning she wears loose clothes and is covered head to toe. The only thing that is seen is the face and hands. That’s a CHOICE she made AGAINST her extended family’s wishes. She can wear anything in the presence of females, but hijab is to be observed in front of all men(except father, brother, uncle,father-in-law and of course husband). According to her, that’s because women don’t see you “that way”, but men do.

Here are some of her characteristics:

  • I see her fuss every day at work, if her clothes are provocative. Every day she has a story about how she left in a hurry and forgot to either secure her hair inside her scarf or wear the scarf properly (such that it completely covers the neck and shoulders).
  • She wears make-up at home to fulfill her desires of dressing up. According to her, dressing up FOR the husband gets her points (sawab) from God.
  • She gets drawn to beautiful earrings until she realizes that ladies-party is not too often and they are not worth the price. She sighs. (The scarf covers her ears)
  • She wants women to see her without her hijab and complement her face, body, hair and know how beautiful she is.
  • Recently, she found out she’s pregnant and she’s VERY upset about her weight gain.

Yeah, right! Hijab liberates a woman.

P.S. There are lots of other things she has given up, but this post pertains specifically to hijab.


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2 Responses to Hijabi

  1. B says:

    IMHO, going all hijabi is a mental disorder, and leads to further mental disorders. Especially, when you do it by your own free will and it is not simply a custom that you are following or something imposed on you.

  2. binthjasar says:

    I was born in a Muslim family. And although I dont wear the Hijab myself, thought I could share an opinion here based on my personal observation of other Hijabi family and friends of mine.

    A very close friend of mine who is a Hijabi wears makeup, wears branded clothes inside her Abaya and is in her own way liberated. She wears makeup, jewelry, and branded clothes for herself and not for others. She doesn’t care for any sort of acceptance because she seems to be comfortable with the choices that define her life.

    She works as a kickass journalist in UAE and feared by several men in her profession because of her outspoken ways. None can really win a debate with this friend of mine. In her own way, she does truly seem to be liberated.

    I think it all depends on the woman concerned. Your colleague seems to be upset about choosing to wear the Hijab somewhere at the back of her mind. Else, she wouldnt be making these complains like the ones you have indicated. Her understanding of the hijab seems to be customized to please her spouse.

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