Is Saif guilty?

Saif Ali Khan has been charged with assault on an NRI businessman and his father-in-law. Here is what Saif has to say: or

Do you think he is speaking the truth? I am no body language expert, but I have watched a TV-series called “Lie to Me” and testimonies of body language experts who analyze criminal behavior. Here’s my analysis of his body language.

What kind of expressions do you expect on the face of a person who is falsely implicated? Anger, Disbelief, Frustration

What expressions do you find on Saif’s face when he is listening to the questions? Anxiety. Some lip-biting going on. 

When asked whether he hit the elderly gentleman, his left arm flares out and right hand touches the nose. Two manipulators indicating a lie.

Watch his pace of talking. The pace is slow and constant throughout the interview until he says he was completely not expecting the plaintiff to file an FIR. Saif looks really irritated and shocked by it. His pace of talking has increased and this is one time he is speaking the truth. Another time when he speaks the truth is about the last publicity stunt question. See the disgust on his face when he answers that question. This disgust that was clearly missing while denying the “false” charges.  His disgust is also shown when he said, ‘Main bilkul nahi bhaaga hoon’. Look at the position of his hand, in the direction of the interviewer. This is also the truth. This hand wasn’t used this way for any other question.

When he says, ‘I have been agressed on’,  and ‘I should have set a better example’, he walks behind a couple of steps. That’s an indicator of lying. It’s as if his body wants to go away from  or negate what he just said.

While talking about library, he says the gentleman said, “Please keep quiet”adding on  “among using bad language”. Saif has forgotten “please” and bad language don’t go together.

The only time Saif looks relaxed is when asked about the  CC-TV footage. He spreads his legs, sways balance from one leg to another and stops at the center. That’s because he is well-aware there is no CC-TV footage or that it has been taken care of. He is not anxious at all for that question.

Let’s see how this case proceeds in court!! 

That’s my take. What do you think?

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11 Responses to Is Saif guilty?

  1. Nova says:

    Hey the video link doesnt work.. and I think he is definitely guilty if not complete then partial misconduct… and I dont think you shud hit someone back as a defence mechanism until the attack is fatal…

  2. I saw him on the TV and I thought he looked guilty and unapologetically guilty. In the past he has killed black bucks – he probably believes, like many other Indians, in “jaanta naheen mein kaun hoon?”

  3. Agree with your analysis.
    I am not an expert in reading body language.
    You obviously are one! And you are very convincing in the way you have analysed his body language.
    Thank you!!
    Do you analyse writing styles too? Gotta be careful with what I write on all these blogs.
    Can experts make out when a person is lying when he writes?
    LOL!! I haven’t tried detecting lies with respect to writing styles. I have read that you can detect a lie from the handwriting. When a person lies, they inadvertently put more pressure on his pen because their brain is working harder compared to when they are just recollecting facts. You don’t sound (or read) like a liar to me at all. If you do lie on blogs, I will find a contradiction in what you say sooner or later.
    I saw another video too where Sharma gives his version.
    He appeared more convincing, at least to me.
    I feel the same way
    In any case the past reputation and “exploits” of the Khan trio (Salman, Shah Rukh, and Saif) do not permit me to believe their versions of any incident in which they figure.
    What did Shah Rukh Khan do? What did I miss?

    Finally influence and money power will get Saif off the hook.
    I don’t think Sharma will have the time and energy to doggedly persue this case to its logical conclusion. Neither do I have faith in our lower courts, police and magistrates and the integrity of lawyers and witnesses to the incident. The inconvenient witnesses may be bought off or threatened into silence.
    Saif’s lawyers will use every trick in the book to prolong the trial and finally they may quietly settle this out of court after Sharma’s patience runs out. He doesn’t live in India and it won’t be practical for him to mke frequent court appearances in India. Saif’s lawyers will exploit this fact.
    I was happy that this time the victim is not a poor person willing to settle outside of court. But your conjecture opened my eyes towards the fact that dilly-dallying could be used to annoy the NRI

    Just my gut feeling about how this case will proceed.

    • Shah Rukh slapped Farah Khan’s husband Shirish Kunder, at a party hosted by Sanjay Dutt.
      Shirish had posted some funny tweets ridiculing Ra One and that is supposed to have been the provocation.
      This happened about a month ago.

      • Oh I see, the Shirish Kunder incident! I had read that Shirish had made indecent comments about Priyanka Chopra and SRK. He kinda eve-teased Priyanka about it too. I was thinking that was the provocation. SRK himself made a lot of fun of Ra-one; seems unlikely that tweets would provoke him.

  4. vetrimagal says:

    Whether guilty or not, if he was polite, if he was kind to that old gentleman and apologized then and there, even if he did not provoke him, that would have shown the class he is expected to be .
    From such eminent parents and also well – behaved ones, one does not expect this!

    This is not the first time, there was that black buck incident too. That comes up to the mind, a cruelty to animal, .. etc.

    sad, those who have responsibility , and chance of being role models bite the dust at every available opportunity.

    You are right. The NRI could have forgiven him instead of accusing him, had he shown some remorse for what he did. But I think he was NOT AT ALL expecting a legal case.

  5. vetrimagal says:

    Hope I was not too preachy!
    Not at all!

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