Dr. Pepper 10

I was watching TV the other day when this ad popped up:

What were you thinking Dr. Pepper? How could you exclude 50% of the population from buying this drink?Explaining in equally sexist terms, weren’t you aware that, it is that 50% of the population that does the groceries?

What do you think about it? Here’s one article that shows what a flop-show this sexism turned out to be.

Are there any Indian ads that are sexist? What do you say to those people who argue that men and women are different and therefore need to be treated differently?

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6 Responses to Dr. Pepper 10

  1. Looks more like a pathetic and sick joke to me.
    I would just ignore the ad and not honor it with a response.
    But the urge to comment on your blog makes me write this.

    Yes it is sexist, blatantly and deliberately so.
    They intend to provoke and have succeeded in attracting and capturing eyeballs.
    But if that was the only intention, then the ad is a success.
    If the intention was to sell more and more of of that drink then this ad is a blunder.
    Firstly they have antagonised 50 percent of the population by asking ladies to keep out.
    They have anatgonised another 50 percent of the males who are middle aged or old and who won’t care or be impressed with heroics and stunts like the one shown.
    So just who are likely to be impressed?
    I would say a few immature teenaged males or those in their early twenties.
    If this were a product that could be used or consumed and was intended for just that small section of the population, may be their gamble might have paid off.
    But this was a low calory drink, that anybody irrespective of age and sex could have consumed.
    I am amazed that such an ad was approved by the makers of the product as there is just no commercial benefit to the makers in ignoring or antagonizing the women.

    I also found the ad personally repulsive simply because that hero in the ad looks too much like Shane Warne, who is not my hero when he is not bowling his leg spinners on the cricket field.


    • Good analysis, GVjee. The CEO of this company said, “Women get the joke”. They expect women to buy and see why it’s not for women, thereby increasing the sales. I don’t understand what the joke is. How is sexism a joke?

  2. KMKH says:

    Now that’s just a big boo-boo coz ‘Dr Pepper’ doesnt have a very manly ring to it, does it?

  3. are u serious?? they released this ad?? i mean, really, released it?? he he.. i think, this ad became a business case for us at b school… that swhy the advert was familiar..

    • Small Town Feminist says:

      Cool…you got to see the ad even before it was released! What was your and other fellow students’ reaction to it? What did the prof say about it?

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